Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

How does something this innocent say such mean things?!

Lex (still stuck in the 'crackhead' phase): Mommy, you are a silly crackhead

Lex (*clinches fist up*): Mommy, I'm going to punch you in the nose!
Me: Lex, we don't hit people
Dennis: Yeah, so don't be punching people in the face.
Lex: *punches Dennis in the face*

Lex: I'm going to ride in Daddy's car. Wait, actually, this is Mommy's car. Daddy's car is terrible. (he's not even THREE yet! Where did he pick up 'actually'?!)


  1. I saw you in "Daddy's" car yesterday when I was picking up my husband!!

  2. Yup! I saw you too! I though, "Man, I hope I'm not pulled out too far into Atwater...oh, wait, it's just Jenny. She can go around me!" ;-)

    We've been trading off and on. I like driving the Element!

  3. You are in for quite a ride when he gets older! Enjoy it.

  4. Those thighs.... I want to bite them.....

  5. They've thinned out a lot. You should infant pics. They were delectable!