Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Construction Zone

Img: http://theofficialcontractor.com/

Prior to me taking this job, things were set in motion for the department to remove asbestos tiles, get carpet, paint the walls, a new ceiling and new lighting fixtures in our office. So, me and my assistant, are crammed into a conference room/makeshift office while they demolish our old office. Now, this wouldn't be such a huge ordeal, but as one would expect, the amount of noise is excruciating. To top it off, there is ASBESTOS in there...in the room next to mine. And I'm sure that the ventilation system isn't carrying away all of it. So, I'm sure I'm breathing a little bit of it while they tear it all up.

We'll be shoved in this little office for at least 3 weeks if not 4. I'm guessing about the time I leave for Disney World (w00t!) they'll be moving us back into our 'new' office. The one plus to this whole thing? They can't hook up my phone until tomorrow. Considering how much I hate the phone, this part has been amazingly awesome!

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  1. You could be one of those daytime TV class-action lawsuit commercials in the making! "Have you or someone you know ever been exposed to asbestos in the workplace?"...