Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was, hmmm, uneventful for the most part. I always take Lex to the Monroe County Public Library on Saturday mornings to give Dennis a chance to work on the textbook that he's writing. It gives him a good two solid hours to be in the house alone (christ, I'd KILL for that!) to work on geometry, proofs, and all the other icky crap that goes into writing a textbook. The remainder of Saturday afternoon was spent watching crappy tv (Intervention and 16 and Pregnant...yes, I will watch both of them...I realize how lame I am).

Saturday night, I drove up to Indianapolis to one of my very good friend, Kara's, house so that we could drive up to Noblesville to go to a Pure Romance party. Holy shit, those things can get SERIOUSLY out of hand. I've never heard another woman say, in all seriousness, "Hey, I got some Coochie (a product, mind you!) on my face!" Or my utterance of, "Excuse me, um, I think I broke your cock ring."

Sunday was spent lazing about the house and convincing my son to use the toilet. He managed to stay dry ALL day (he still gets a pull-up for naps and bed), and he used his little toilet for his major transaction. We were very proud, and I think with this recent turn of events, after Thanksgiving we're going to tell the DCP that he's off pull-ups at her house too. I think being forced to be in underwear all day every day will really help us. We know he'll still have accidents and that it won't be perfect, but I think we are all excited (including Lex!) that things are starting to progress. It's funny how just about a week ago I was moaning and whining that we weren't getting anywhere! I guess bitching DOES pay off!

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