Monday, November 15, 2010

This is only a vent

this is not my blog post for the day. This is my way of letting off a little steam that has been building regarding my computer tech guys in my new department. I'm sure that they're wonderful people, but god damn, dude. When your comment to me is, "You'd be so much better off with a Mac" instead of fixing my printer (or sending ME the how to fix) I'm going to start to get a little pissy. I love Macs, I do, they're so pretty and awesome, but right now, I have a PC. And the PC is a HELL of a lot less expensive than a Mac is (and especially since if I get one, I'll still want the dual monitor set up, sooooo...)So much so, that I deliberately chose NOT to answer my phone when he called me this morning because I knew that I would be shitty to him. I do not have time to screw around with printer drivers, IE, and the multitude of other shit he is asking me to do to fix something that, as far as I'm concerned, does NOT need fixed. I'm amazingly good at being efficient, and if one fucking app will not print what I need on MY printer, I'll gladly use another printer. It's an extra 50 steps for me into the copy room.

My former department had amazing support, and I realize that this is a much smaller department, but if you're going to be a tech guy, then you should know ALL operating systems, computers, etc. Not just the one YOU use and like.


So, yeah. Later this afternoon, I'll have a real blog post, but for now this is what you're getting.


  1. Yeah, I hear that crap too. To which I reply that it shouldn't matter what kind of computer it is unless they are too stupid to fix it, in which case they should call someone who knows what they are doing and shaddup.

    And people wonder why we have such high turnover in our tech department!