Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Serious potty training day 2

Ok, well, it might not be 'serious' considering he's only in undies between 4p and 8p, but I feel like we're actually making some progress. The first night we had 3 accidents and 3 new undies. Last night, no accidents, and a lot of positive praise and prizes. For every time he pees (regardless if I ask him to or not) he gets 2 mini M&Ms. Last night, because he stayed dry all night he was able to choose a prize out of the prize bucket. Today, he's already asking for his prize, and I keep reminding him that as long as he keeps going potty in the potty and keeps his big boy undies dry, he'll get his surprise. The best part is, he doesn't scream like I'm murdering him when I put his undies on him now. The first day I physically had to HOLD HIM DOWN to get them on. And Dennis said, "He doesn't like them; don't force him!" I was, like, "Seriously?! Christ, if we let him NOT do all the things he finds discomforting, he'll never get up in the mornings or go to bed!" Apparently, yesterday before I got home, he actually ASKED to put them on, so I feel like that's a check mark for me.

I'm not getting my hopes up, and the real test will be the weekend when he's home with us all day to see if he'll stay dry. Soon, we're going to have to have the DCP having him wear the undies all day (except for nap times, I guess). That's when the real test is going to begin I guess...

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