Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

Relayed to us by our daycare provider - Lex: Jordan, you have a bright, big penis! (where does he GET this stuff!?)

Lex (repeated at a rate of about 10 times an hour): *whines* I don't WANT TO!

Dennis: And what do we do to people who drive through our yard?
Lex: Kick 'em in the HEAD.
Me: Merry Christmas to all!

Lex (on the monorail in Disney World): *robotic voice* I. Am. A. Robot.

Me: Lex, what are you doing?
Lex: I *might* be pooping.
Me: Well, then let's go potty!
*head upstairs* *get to bathroom*
Lex: Mommy, the poopie went back UP my butt!
Me: Good! Keep it there until you're on the potty!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

Lex (yelling from upstairs): Mommy!!!!! Say good night to my blankets!
Me: Good night, Lex's blankets!
Lex: Thank you, mommy!!

Lex to Dennis: Stop talking to me like that. You're making me sick!

Lex (quite loudly) in Walmart: Mommy, if I go poopy in the potty, can I have this monster truck?

Lex: Daddy, clean my fan (talking about the ceiling fan)! It's disgusting!

'Say What Wednesday' will most likely be on hold as that I will be in Disney World (SQUEEEEEE!!!) next week!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday...on Thursday

Sorry, folks. I had what I've been describing as 'black death' on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm just starting to eat again.

Lex (after we said, "COME ON! for the eleventy bajillionth time): Hey, give me 2 seconds!

Lex (talking to Dennis when I wasn't around): Mommy was a whackaloon last night.

thus concludes our 'say what Wednesday' on Thursday this week.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A little taste of the weekend

It snowed! Quite a bit, actually! I went to a wonderful party with a very good friend last night at another couple's house. It was supposed to be a snowflake cutting party complete with using old journal articles (Jenny is a grad student in the School of Journalism) from their research. Moe and I did not participate in the snowflake stuff, but stood in the kitchen shooting the shit with Jenny's husband and someone that he didn't know, but had a lot in common with considering they were both from the Region. I drank almost an entire bottle of wine, played a game called Scribblish, and then my DD (Moe) drove me home in a very light dusting of snow. It was beautiful and I can say it was probably the most fun I've had in awhile. I don't get to go out with friends very often because I feel guilty leaving Lex and D at home, but it felt good I won't lie :-)

Today, the light dusting of snow? Was quite a bit more than a dusting. I think we might have gotten around 3-4 inches. It was the first time that Lex was able to understand what snow is, and he asked to go outside to play. It was so much fun. He took his little car outside and ran around, threw snowballs, fell in the snow, giggled and played. It was joyous, and some of the pics were beautiful...particularly this one.

When he finally went down for a nap, I left to go workout, but before I go to the rec center, I stopped off at work to take some gorgeous shots of the Kirkwood Observatory so that I could get something good for the departmental holiday card. I have a pretty generic camera...nothing fancy, but I was certainly pleased with how they turned out...

I apologize for the crappy formatting of the photos...It's been a long time since I've used HTML. And I'm kind of drinking, so my patience for that kind of shit is WAY limited.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So. Sick.

Poor Lex. My wee man started vomiting last night around 6:30p (right on my best friend, Melanie, mind you), and vomited all night until around 2a. Around 12:30a, it was no longer something I had to clean up because he'd officially hit every vomiting person's worst nightmare: the dry heaves. He literally dry heaved every half an hour for an hour and a half.

At 6a when my husband got up, Lex decided HE wanted up (fuck!) and to go downstairs. I let Dennis take him downstairs so I could try to get another half an hour of sleep to add to the, maybe, two hours I got total last night. So, at some point I heard, "KIMBERLY!!!!!" and I knew he'd thrown up again. *sigh* I'm not sure how much water my husband gave him, but apparently it ended up all over Lex and the floor. So, I waited another hour, and started him on tablespoons of water to see if he could keep them down. He's had 2 tablespoons of water so far, and he's keeping it down thus far. In fact, he's been poking around the fridge and pantry looking for something to eat. I hate telling him that we need to wait, but I don't want to clean something up if he's not feeling really well.

I will say one thing. Having an infant or baby sick is awful. It's the worst feeling in the world. But having a sick toddler/preschooler is a little more manageable. You can watch their little faces change. Lex will say, "Mommy" in such a way that I know it's coming (or his activity level drops SIGNIFICANTLY. So, at least now, I can predict when he might throw up. I had no chance when he was a baby. Sure, he kind of whined, but nothing like he does now...

So, today, I get to spend the day with my sick little dude, who is contentedly sitting next to me on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It looks like it will be a good day. Sick or not.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

Lex to Dennis: *taps Dennis on the head* Daddy, your head is empty!

Me: Lex, what do you want for dinner?
Lex: Nothing. I'm too busy.

Lex: Daddy, mommy ripped your mail!!!