Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Say What' Wednesday

Look a SWW ON Wednesday!

Lex: Daddy, what's wrong?
Dennis: I'm perturbed.
Lex: Why are you a turd, Daddy?

Lex: I think a big giant turtle is going to smash my house. I'll have to build a castle house.

Lex: I want a cookie.
Me: You can have half of a cookie.
Lex: I want two halves of a cookie.
Me: Your math is're still getting half of a cookie.
Lex: But that half of the cookie is yucky; I want both halves.
Me: If one half of the cookie is yucky, why wouldn't the other half be yucky?
Lex: Because this other half makes that half yummy.

I'm wondering if I have a future hostage negotiator or lawyer in my house...


  1. I can appreciate that logic!! LOL - "why are you a turd, Daddy?"

  2. Is it bad that I totally get the cookie logic?

  3. Not bad at all! I get it too, but I wasn't about to let that on to him!

  4. I definitely would give Lex the two halves of the cookie. I'm a sucker for smart-ass answers.

  5. Happy Mother's Day my friend! <3