Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

Relayed to us by our daycare provider - Lex: Jordan, you have a bright, big penis! (where does he GET this stuff!?)

Lex (repeated at a rate of about 10 times an hour): *whines* I don't WANT TO!

Dennis: And what do we do to people who drive through our yard?
Lex: Kick 'em in the HEAD.
Me: Merry Christmas to all!

Lex (on the monorail in Disney World): *robotic voice* I. Am. A. Robot.

Me: Lex, what are you doing?
Lex: I *might* be pooping.
Me: Well, then let's go potty!
*head upstairs* *get to bathroom*
Lex: Mommy, the poopie went back UP my butt!
Me: Good! Keep it there until you're on the potty!


  1. so. awesome. (I like the poopie one and the kick em in the head one the best!)

  2. Thank heavens the poopie went back up the butt before you reached the potty. Small miracles.

  3. I like the kick em in the head one best, but I LOVE that picture of Lex with Piglet!!! He looks positively giddy with happiness!