Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Say What' Wednesday

Lex (yelling from upstairs): Mommy!!!!! Say good night to my blankets!
Me: Good night, Lex's blankets!
Lex: Thank you, mommy!!

Lex to Dennis: Stop talking to me like that. You're making me sick!

Lex (quite loudly) in Walmart: Mommy, if I go poopy in the potty, can I have this monster truck?

Lex: Daddy, clean my fan (talking about the ceiling fan)! It's disgusting!

'Say What Wednesday' will most likely be on hold as that I will be in Disney World (SQUEEEEEE!!!) next week!


  1. Awesome! Except Daddy gets yelled at a lot, doesn't he? Lol! Let me know how Disney goes!

  2. That kid is bossy. I wonder where he gets it from?