Friday, February 25, 2011

A conversation I didn't think would happen yet!

So, last night I was getting Lex ready to take a bath. I had to pee, but Lex came into the bathroom in all his nakedness and proclaimed, "I have to pee!" Well, when your freshly potty trained preschooler tells you that, their need takes precedence over your own. Whatever.

So, Lex finishes up, and I said, "Lex, put the seat down, Mommy needs to pee". So, I proceed to sit down to do my business...This is the conversation that followed.

Lex: Why do you sit down?
Me: because I can't stand to pee.
Lex: Why?
Me: because I don't have a penis
Lex: *aghast* WHAT?!
Me: Yup.
Lex: what happened to it?
Me: Um, I don't have one?
Lex: But where did it go?
Me: Um...mommy wasn't born with one.
Lex: Daddy has a penis.
Me: Yup
Lex: *I* have a penis!
Me: Yes, you do. Let's go play in the bath now.
Lex: *sounding very remorseful* Sorry you lost your penis.

I don't mind talking to him about this stuff at all. I wasn't phased, I answered his questions matter of factly, using anatomical terms and that mommies and daddies are different. He seemed ok with it. He did bring it up later, and I wondered if he was going to go to daycare and tell everyone what we talked about. But I'd rather him hear this stuff from me than the older kids at daycare.