Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday afternoon in words

"Fuck" - spoken by the man (repeatedly) running through People's Park. That place is so dodgy. I'm not sure why I even go there to read. There are just too many whack-a-loons. The only difference between hanging out in the library during the day and People's Park is that the crazies keep their voices down in the library.

"Elvira" - a data entry program I learned today. Elvira has 2 friends: Elvis AND Edgar. I have no idea why IU is hellbent on naming their systems after weird names.

"Stress" - The Summer 2011 schedule is due a week from tomorrow. Everyone is assuring me that it isn't a huge deal since we're just going to offer the same stuff we do every summer, but when I've never even BUILT a schedule before, it kind of is a big deal.

"Gorgeous" - my god, it's beautiful outside today.

"Excited" - I'm taking tomorrow off (see: "stress") to go to the Covered Bridge Festival with my mom.

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